FibroFitter – Beginnings

After 10 years of waiting, I have my Fibro diagnosis, but what do I do now? My Doctors recommended drugs to numb the pain or relax the muscle. After considering the potential benefits and side effects of these drugs, and accepting the length of this condition, it is not something I’m ready to commit to for the rest of my life.

I’m not saying that there won’t come a day where I will need that option; it is after all, just one option. I don’t want to Doctor-bash, or put down anyone who needs medication to help support their needs, but for me, at this time, I just want to explore other options.

So where do I start?

I have little medical knowledge, basic biology, and grew up in a house where Spam was a decent meal.

Meal 1

My first meal prep tea 🙂

However, there is definitely one aspect of life that I know I can control, that directly affects my Fibro and IBS… Food!Over recent weeks…

The food I have been eating could be described as convenient, quick, carb-based and probably… unhealthy.


I’m too exhausted to care about what I’m eating. Sleep and conserving energy has been my priority, because it’s the easiest way to cope with a Fibro life.

How can I change this?

Start caring. For some reason, it seems we are hardest and most neglectful of ourselves. So I need to summon up a conscious level of effort; to actually care. Instead of trying to conserve energy and focus on sleeping, I need to think about fuelling my body to create more energy, and hopefully reduce some Fibro symptoms.What small changes can I make?

First off, the best and probably the most simplest advice I’ve been given, is “cook when you have energy”. Thanks Josh! (check him out, he’s a quality PT who gives great advice and has free nutrition downloads )

It seems like the most obvious idea, but it was a lightbulb moment for me. Sometimes it’s hard for us to feel like there is a single moment; where you have a morsel of energy with Fibro… But when you assess your daily life you will find a time. It may be a very specific time that you have more energy. For example, for me, 4pm-6pm I get serious nap attacks. But I know that come 8pm-10pm I actually feel pretty alert- as long as I’ve eaten!.

So I’m going to aim to cook meals a day in advance, between 8pm-10pm . This will stop me impulse eating when I’m tired and ‘hangry’ (we’ve all been there…it’s not a pretty place).

Practical steps I’ve put in place.

  1. Okay, so I bought some food prep trays (be it a late night Amazon buy 3 weeks ago… but I still bought them!)
  2. Keeping the ingredients simple. I knew that if I tried to follow fancy recipes at this point I’m probably not going to be able to sustain the discipline needed. So I’m just going to try and stick to 3 ingredients per meal.

1 Protein + 1 Carb + 1 leafy Green

Carb- Rice or Sweet potato (portion control)

Snacks- Fruit or nuts

Drinks- Tea, water …and limit fizzy pop!! (sugar free at most).

Avoid- Starchy foods- chips, potato, bread, pasta and sugary foods.

  1. Write a shopping list. Stick to it and do an online shop.

Benefits. I’m planned in advance, I’m conserving energy by having it delivered. Plus it will stop me from backing out of cooking and going for an easier option when that ready-meal aisle is beckoning.

  1. Cook 1 day in advance, for tomorrow after I’ve already eaten my evening meal.
  2. Enjoy the food- otherwise there’s no point.

If I don’t have the energy to cook, what are my options?

  1. Find a healthy alternative– I’ve looked around my local area for eateries that provide a healthier option.

For example, local to me is Kettlebell Kitchen in Manchester. They do affordable boxed meals to go; with your choice of protein/veg and carbs.

I’ve done the research and know that this is an option for me.

  1. Keep it simple- stock soup in your fridge.
  2. Invite yourselves to someone-else’s for tea. You might feel cheeky, but sometimes we have to admit to ourselves we need help.
Meal 2.JPG

Here’s my first day of meal prep (minus breakfast). I’m pretty proud of myself and it was actually enjoyable to prep; which was a surprise!

I’m going stick to this as a guide for now, and track any improvements in energy, pain relief and fat loss. I’d be happy to receive any tips too 🙂

Much love

Naomi … on the road to being FibroFitter


*Disclaimer this is only a guide intended for my use, please consult your doctor should you wish to make changes to your diet or medication.

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