Fibromyalgia-How it all began…


I was a fraud, a nomad, wandering through the medical waste lands. There was no physically evidence of bruising, breaks, bulges of bone or muscle or discs. Everything was set in place… Mostly, as it should, but the pain, there was physical pain… Warm burning, sharp stabbing, dull aching pains in most places, places I didn’t even know you could feel pain, like the tip of your ear or behind an eye. The pain was very real, although completely invisible to the naked eye, felt only by me and seen by none. So I found myself in this strange state, outwardly I looked fine… healthy even… but my reality was juxtaposed with that.

I was convinced that there must be an answer, a blood test, a scan, an X-ray that could prove what I felt. Doctors reluctantly gave into my requests, but only after 6 week trials here and there of Paracetamol and Ibruprofen. Eventually, I was given 6 weeks Physio, which was abruptly stopped after I was found to be ‘functional’ enough (I could walk).

‘Other’ illnesses I collected along the way, IBS, Sciatica, to name a few, were treated in isolation, never paired or matched, like an incomplete patchwork, I felt useless, inferior and weak.

Time went on, my energy to complete my quest faded, as work/life took over and I struggle to maintain a full time job. I slept when I could, grabbed convenience food, and work as efficiently as possible. I was plagued by coughs, colds, tonsillitis and even caught a bout of scarlet fever! My body was breaking down, I was too tired and in too much pain to summon the energy to do anything.

Although the Doctors listened, I never felt I was taken seriously. Once my complaints were dismissed because I was ‘too young’ to feel back pain? I felt completely alone. No one my age felt this, no one I knew had such a condition, it wasn’t in the news or on TV.

Years went by, the pain increased, my weight increased, my energy levels decreased. I was completely fed up… but didn’t actually have the energy to be actively fed up, so I continued to plod on.

After a particularly bad week, cold December weather, stressful working environment, horrendous public transport and a lack of decent food or sleep, I completely crashed and stayed in bed for a week.

But in that week, I decided enough was enough! I knew that I had to persist in finding out the diagnosis, because without that, I would never be able to help or support myself back to better health.

Several appointments later, with several pain management specialists and Rheumatologists, a definitive diagnosis of Fibromyalgia, EDS Type 1 and Hypermobility cameback… and the relief was immense!

Finally, I have an answer… which is why I have created the FibroFitter blog. This is the start of a long and probably painful process. I want to explore the various treatments, exercises and foods, that will help to elevate my Fibro pain and overall make me feel Fibro-Fitter!

I hope that by sharing my experiences, others can benefit… even if it’s just to know that you are not alone with this condition!

Much Love

Naomi … on the road to being FibroFitter

12 thoughts on “Fibromyalgia-How it all began…

  1. Your journey sounds similar I’m some ways to mine. Except I plodded that bit too long and crashed out far longer and am still caught in the diagnosis bounce from specialist to specialist. I have a positive diagnosis of fibromyalgia and psoriasis but EDS is suspected with POTS and it’s unclear if my gastric issues are ibs or stretch from lack of collegen and Hypermobility. Still no pain relief or treatment. Thank you for writing about this illness.

    Invisible in tests and rarely signs on the body. Hard to treat and management is hit and miss and rarely fully satisfactory. No cohesion between specialists for the specific issues which add up to the answer or answers.

    You might relate to my post ‘Phantom’.

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    • Thanks Jade for reading and getting in contact, I really appreciate the support!

      It’s a minefield when it comes to diagnosis, so I know how stressful it is when you feel you’re not getting anywhere. Keep going though, ask questions and stand your ground. I’ll definitely check out your post 🙂 it’s good to read others’ experiences of these invisible and often very stressful conditions.

      All the best

      Naomi x

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  2. I’m so happy you started your blog on an invisible illness that doctors still have a problem diagnosing to this day. Writing about your journey is cathartic and what better way than a blog to express emotions and help others experiencing the same pain and frustrations. Stay strong, and thanks for following my blog. Hugs, Deb 🙂

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  3. I’ve been experiencing symptoms that have become progressively worse over the last couple of months where I have maybe one good day a week, the rest I’m mostly at home trying to relax or in bed where it’s more comfortable. My theory is Fibromyalgia but I’m still waiting to see a specialist. Great to see you’ve had a diagnosis and are raising awareness. And thank you @cherished79 for reblogging


    • Sorry to hear you’re suffering, take time to rest and relax and hopefully you’re wait for the specialist will come around soon. Good luck and let us know how you get on with it! Thanks for your support. Naomi 🙂


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